Door Skinning 101 / CHP#4
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       Door Skinning 101


    Door skinning is a skill you can master, this 60 minute video includes all the do's and dont's that will have you First Timers claiming Success.


Not all makes and models have new door shells available, but many do have door skins available, making this skill a valuable asset.


Work with Craig Hopkins and learn when to and when not to re skin your doors. Starting with the easy way to remove the skin, asses inner structure damage and repair, learn the hammer and dolly techniques to attach the new skin and finish with the proper way to align the door before welding.


       This Video is your tool for success !!

  • Item #: CHP#4
  • Manufacturer: Craig Hopkins Productions
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: CHP#4

Door Skinning 101 / CHP#4

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